Posted by: jsmcfadden | February 20, 2013

Time for the sea.

DSC_0048 web vertPoint Reyes is a beautiful place.



But look at the blue water and the cliffs and the fields.

This is just after high tide on Saturday, February 16.

It was a lovely day at home, with temperatures forecast for the mid-60’s, sunny. One of those spring days we get a month early than we really expect but just on the week we SO need a spring day.

And it had been months — a year maybe — since we had seen the ocean. Bodega Bay fog from inside the restaurant isn’t going to count. So we drove west through the town, over the hill, across the marsh restoration, through the hills, around the lovely neighborhoods and along Tomales Bay and then out toward the Drake’s Beach visitor center.

Oh. The wind. Waves crashing and a few people on the beach and a few gulls and the wind. Some fog.

DSC_0002 web

DSC_0016 web









Shuttle tickets for the lighthouse.

Last ones on the last shuttle out to the lighthouse.

DSC_0033 web

The short hike from the shuttle stop to the lighthouse visitor center; foggy to our right and wind, wind. Green fields up the rest of the cliff to our left.


We didn’t walk the 308 steps down to the lighthouse from the visitor center way out there on the point.


DSC_0036 web


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