Posted by: jsmcfadden | October 10, 2012

Lemons are … lemoning

Many weeks ago, I showed you the amazing fruitfulness of our half-barreled lemon tree. Here it is since I know you don’t recall.

Now, after a lovely warm summer and lots of sun and heat and plenty of water and citrus tree food, even, the growth is impressive.

Back then, I counted 34 little lemons beginning. Now, there are fewer than 34 but only a handful of those little ones are no longer growing. You can spot several of the growing ones in this photo.

It’s mysterious, don’t you think? From their very beginning they were nothing but lemons, and yet it’s true that they weren’t fully lemons then. They aren’t still, and yet they are completely lemons. So what do we call it, this growing into their full selves? Lemon-ing doesn’t seem to work, because it implies that they are changing from less lemon-y into more lemon-y and that isn’t it; they’ve always been nothing but lemon-y.

So why is it so wonderful that they grow, swelling into more and more of their lemon-ness? Why is it that just walking around the tree, bending into it to smell the lemonish fragrance of its leaves and fruit, brings me comfort and joy?

Last year, desparate for evidence of growth from anything I felt I was spending time nurturing, feeding, tending, I might have identified the joy as somehow related to the satisfaction of achieving my objective. But it doesn’t seem that to me now. These swelling lemons are just doing what lemons do, and it’s wonderful! I am given a gift to behold it, in a way.

And today, a quiet day, a quiet place here this morning, with the sun on the lemons as they enlarge their lemonosity, it’s just good.


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