Posted by: jsmcfadden | October 7, 2012

What it’s like

But just kinda.

I wonder how far this analogy could take us.

Sometimes it’s all this — rushing, rocky, turbulent, rolling over itself in a pressure to get done, to move on, to proceed. Letting the pull of gravity decide where it’s going.

When it’s that way, what I want — more than anything else — is just to move quietly out of the rush, to find a quiet place to be still. Like this.

Could someone just make for me a quiet place? Just take some of the rocks and order them around the outside of a quiet place?  I won’t care if things aren’t moving; I won’t care if the rest of the river keeps rushing headlong down, down, down. I’ll rest here where it is quiet.

Because I think maybe what is important is this clarity:

and that only happens outside the rushing places, doesn’t it? That only happens when the water’s shallow and still, not when it’s moving so fast.


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