Posted by: jsmcfadden | June 23, 2012

Sometimes Full

The oleander bush in the back is FULL. Heavy with flowers, even.

When the Delta breeze comes through, the outside boughs move slowly, like something under water. Smaller, seemingly lighter branches which I expect to be moving quickly or independently aren’t: the breeze can’t get through to them individually. The whole shape of the bush goes back and forth.

The breeze hits the lilacs, then, and those rangy branches react one at a time. Long fingers of branches bend and sway.

The apple tree in the middle of the yard reacts next, and the leaves are wide enough to catch a bit of breeze and each leaf turns, twists, and flaps. They remind me of a school of sardines flashing in the filtered light of a bay.

After the breeze, though, the yard is different.

Dozens of blossoms are on the ground. How can the oleander still be so full? Every evening and night it loses dozens. Yet in the morning, the bush still moves heavy in the breeze.

Apples fall, too.

In the morning I just roll or toss them into the trench that is going to be a superb draining system at some future time. Almost every day one or two of the Gravensteins are on the ground; only rarely does a little Granny Smith fall out.


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