Posted by: jsmcfadden | June 14, 2012

Many Meyer Lemons Begin

This picture is from April. The lemon tree in the half-barrel was so loaded with buds like these, which turned into gorgeous blossoms, that we just stood around and stared at it.

We wondered: would each bud become a lemon? How could the little lemon tree hold them all if each one turned into a lemon? What would we do with all those lemons?

When the buds opened, their delicate fragrance and coloring, just as delicate, turned all the questions into flat out admiration.

Bees came. They hovered, they explored, they buzzed — with enjoyment, I’m sure — and they did what bees do.

And now we’ve got 34 little lemons beginning here. Seriously. I counted. Three times. And took photos.

















I don’t think you can see all 34 from this angle, but several are staring right back at you. Isn’t it exciting?

I’m thinking about how these little beauties will be swelling and growing and then changing from green to yellow and then coming off the little tree and moving into my kitchen (I might help with that part). I’m thinking about pie and lemonade and lemon curd on my blueberry scone.


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