Posted by: jsmcfadden | April 11, 2012

Meet Rose

Who puts POTS in the ground? I mean, who doesn’t take the plant OUT of the black plastic pot from Home Depot, but just digs a hole and puts the three black plastic pots with climbing roses in them right into the dirt? Who does this?

John and I did. But here’s evidence that it’s maybe going to be OK:

Please, I’d like to introduce you to Rose. Isn’t she pretty?

For most of last fall, she was in shade from the potato bushes and the strange thing in our neighbor’s yard — the tree-ish bush with long, thin acorny acorns.

Last summer she didn’t bloom. Last spring she didn’t bloom. She got ignored a bit, as I was having a big crush on the lilacs. 

She has pretty sisters, too, and every day more of these buds are opening and the foliage looks healthy; the branches are climbing even though there’s nothing for them to rest on.

Despite our horrid gardening — pots in the dirt and no trellis for the climbing rose — Rose is doing just fine. She’s going to do, evidently, just whatever she wants.

This is the perfect house & yard for that!


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