Posted by: jsmcfadden | April 8, 2012

Time for a drive

Last weekend, with a few hours on my own, and already up in Vacaville, AND with a camera in the car, it was definitely time for a drive.

A person ought to enjoy the life she has!

So I drove out Pleasants Valley Road and then up toward Monticello Dam and then around the other way toward home. Oh, the greens!

Even on the sheer rock face of the cliff, green wins. This is the part of the mountain that was revealed when the other part of it was blasted off when they built the dam back in the early 1950’s. It’s across the roadway from the pull-out where people can stop and view the dam and the “Glory Hole” or spillway when the lake’s depth reaches the magic level. You can look it up right here if you’re curious.

Usually I drive this the other direction — starting in Solano County and going into Napa and then Yolo County. So I kept having to look in the rear-view mirror to really understand just where I was.

The greens were tremendous! There was green on green. Green beside green. Green atop green. And so many different greens. Take a look at the moss on this gnarly branch. And the grey greens in the background. There were more greens overhead — different ones.

Then I noticed the just barely green in the hanging moss. I love this moss, and the weird fantasy world it creates, especially when there is a breeze.

So here’s some more of that moss.

It’s like witch hair. So light that any breeze lifts it up. Then it furls and waves and I suddenly wonder if we’re under water in a denser medium.

I had pulled over to take these photos and let a big white pickup truck go past me, and I was so struck by the way our surroundings speak to us. Mostly what’s around me doesn’t holler but whispers.  Here, it was a musical whisper, breathy but not throaty at all. It was melodic.

 Just on the other side of the roadway from that mossy singing tree, was this magical grove.

Can you imagine the creatures who might live there? Doesn’t it seem like a perfect setting for an adventure for a … marmoset who speaks Gaelic? What’s a marmoset? Dunno, but the name is way cool!!

Here’s the spot with a little zoom on the camera. It’s a quiet place, but certainly not silent, is it?


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