Posted by: jsmcfadden | April 1, 2012

Infatuated with green

Every spring it hits me. I see new greens everywhere I look. Bright yellow green. Light grey-green. Silvery green. Forest green. Neon green when the sunlight hits the boxwood leaves.

I hold my breath as if the green might dissipate with an exhalation. I look and look and look.

And  today, today I took some pictures.

I started in the back yard.

These are the climbing roses who got “planted” behind the retaining wall still in their little plastic pots.

They’re looking better than ever — aren’t you happy to see their glossy dark green foliage shining in the sun?

How could you ever describe this green without a photo?

Notice the many, many little buds — we will have lots of little white roses in a couple of weeks, I bet.

Wouldn’t it be fun if they bloomed by Easter?

Then my attention was snagged by the apple blossoms. Why does it surprise me every March when these blossoms appear? I see the leaf buds, then the flower buds, but when the blossoms open, it’s difficult to stay calm.

They are just so sweet. Like a proud momma whose little baby shows up on Facebook albums multiple times a week, I take photo after photo of these flowers.

With so few leaves on the branches yet, and the tree just recovering from its winter pruning, it’s a surprise to see flowery life unfold there on the apple twig.

And they smell good. It’s a light scent, and sweet, but not cloying. Fresh and pink.

Then I moved into the front yard, and there was a symphony of greens, each one shown to its advantage by the closeness of another shade of green.

The boxwoods.

Their light green new growth and the darker green old growth and the sun as well, and everything washed from the rain of the last few days.  Green! Glorious green!

And then it was the boxwoods with the tree which makes a break in the sinuous line of these bushes.

It was a little dizzying when I looked at the picture; the trunk’s greys seems like they could be gravel or paving and I had to re-orient myself to what was up and down.

I’m so happy that the boxwoods aren’t pruned into little boxes.

I looked up from the boxwoods and was transfixed by the greens above our street, the trees in their new leaves, one from each house, and it all moving together in the breeze. So beautiful!

Had to get on my knees to get this shot. Think about that for a minute. Got a big idea?

Then I stood up and went around the other side of the boxwoods, to the front planting bed.

And there was the variegated euonymus. Don’t you love her name? What a different kind of green! See all the teeny flowering things?

She stands out in the planting bed because of her bright yellow-green and seems to love it when the yellow river of blooms finally pops into the garden.

Look at how the other euonymus sparkles in the setting to the eastern edge of the front bed! The tall hedge with its darker green leaves. The boxwoods, lit by new yellow-green growth and the sun, and then the yellow-green of the euonymus. In front of it, by the way, are the irises which will be blooming in the next few weeks. Photos of those will come, I promise!

And I like the river rock there, grounding it all and reminding me of a stream bed.

More photos from the drive I took! Up Pleasants Valley Road and all the way to Lake Berryessa!

Next time.


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