Posted by: jsmcfadden | July 16, 2011

Some miscellaneous previously unattached photos

These are from Alaska, clearly, which doesn’t seem that long ago and wasn’t that long ago, but which seems long ago in Blogtime.

We’re looking at Mendenhall Glacier from the lake we canoed across, with several other people of course.

Then we see Nugget Falls from a distance.

Then John and I are on the gravel beach of the lake near the Falls, with the Glacier in the distance.

I guess the styrophoam cup is for scale?

Then the photographer moved and we moved so that the Falls are in the background now.

I recall being stunned and obsessed by scale in Alaska.



  1. I’m so glad we took the time to row across that lake. The cold freezer air blowing off that glacier and the amazing blue ice floating in the water, not to mention the water fall, were well worth the effort, even if the moose sausage snack was quite a bit tinier than I had anticipated. I was proud of you for getting in that canoe. The experience of Alaska was a longtime dream of mine. Sharing that experience with you made it the best it could be.

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