Posted by: jsmcfadden | May 30, 2011

Oceanside Anniversary

Cloudy and overcast days didn’t ever slide into rainy chill.  Breezy didn’t become cold gusts.

Instead, it was pleasant, mostly grey at Oceanside the week before Easter.

For the 32nd anniversary of our wedding.

And yes, it’s true. This isn’t the December anniversary of our marriage but the April anniversary of our wedding. John likes to call it our 64th anniversary. The people who are listening look at us funny when he does that.

Since it’s so near Easter, you might expect we two teachers often enjoy a break from work on our anniversary. Not so. John’s school doesn’t do “Easter Break” but “Mayfair Break,” because their school is housed on the Dixon Mayfair grounds. So they must vacate every mid-April so the Mayfair can get set up & run. The school opens back up in mid-May once the Mayfair is over & cleaned up. But my school’s Easter Break is connected to Easter. So, when Easter is early, we are back in school when John’s Mayfair Break happens. But it’s rare when our break coincide. This year, happily, they did!

We rented a vehicle, and it happened to be a Mazda 5, which we really enjoyed a lot. Lots of space, comfortable, and zippy. We were hoping for lots of warm sun, which makes the Southern California beach that much more appealing. Despite the clouds & chill, it was a wonderful break and good to get away from things we usually see. Isn’t it strange how seeing new things helps adjust your thinking about old things, too?

The weather or the date made for not-very-crowded beaches. So it was less embarrassing to walk slowly and take pictures of birds.


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