Posted by: jsmcfadden | April 25, 2011

Apples begin

These used to be blossoms on the Granny Smith apple tree at the west end of our back yard, just in from the fence, at the edge of the brick patio.

But they were visited by a bee, or maybe several bees, who casually picked up those blossoms’ yellow pollen, then continued going about their own business. The bees weren’t thinking about apples, were they? I think they were focused on their own tasks: locating yumminess for the ones they were responsible for, back home in the hive.

Which, by the way, might be in our attic.

These dive-bombing bumblebees, huge and heavy-looking in the air as they hover or circle me when I invade their territory, these bees find other Granny Smith blossoms, go back and forth, blossom to blossom, just hunting and gathering.

Or maybe they buzz and zoom over to the Gravenstein blossoms, and then back to the Granny Smith.

But this is the wonderful result — these swells on the twigs, with the dried-out remnants of the frilly white blossoms sticking on the end. This trio of apples beginning. Just three Saturdays ago these swells weren’t even visible — the blossoms were still full, showing off their pollen to whichever bee wandered by.

We were away a week, enjoying our anniversary and a once-ever break at the same time in spring. And in the yard apples were beginning.


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