Posted by: jsmcfadden | April 7, 2010

My Italy.

This is not the Italy in Europe. It’s My Italy in our house. The walls’ deep blue is one of my favorite things about the room. The watercolor by Allayn Stevens is a view I’d like to see out my window. Or, I’d like to be behind the window on the right, above the laundry and not below. I’d like to be lazing in a soft bed, not quite ready to get up and walk to the window to breathe deeply of the clean air.

You can see that light is coming into My Italy. It lights up the right side of the lampshade. My Italy’s window is just out of the frame of that photo above. My Italy’s window looks out onto the front yard, where there is sometimes a bird with a long beak poking, poking, poking into the grass and dirt. This bird has an open-mouthed-smile shaped mark on its throat, very dark brown on its otherwise speckled light brown feathers. Maybe it’s a woodpecker; John thinks it might be.

Anyway, the light comes across the Adirondack chair we bought in Bandon and that John and Brian assembled in the living room years ago. The chairs were under the apple tree on the back patio for the first summer, but then came in the house at the first threat of rain. The ottoman we bought a couple of summers ago in Bandon. The wood looks just great with the desk  in My Italy. But the chair needs cushions! And the window needs some sort of fabric — it’s got blinds, but some softening fabric is also needed. I keep thinking I’ll see just the right fabric sometime & then I’ll buy it and it will look wonderful.

Perhaps I need to get myself to a fabric store?

That’s all for now.


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