Posted by: jsmcfadden | February 28, 2010

Important things.

These lovely flowering trees line up along our building at school. The second and third are in front of my classroom’s windows.

Last year, I noticed the thin bare branches all winter long. I couldn’t tell what kind of trees they were or what they would look like when they were leafy. I hoped they would get leafy.

Then, one Monday, I noticed flower buds on the tree near the window where my desk is. I hadn’t seen any signs of life at all before that week.

And it seemed the next day the flowers burst from their buds and the trees were full of cheerful pink fluff.

I told myself that I wanted to notice next year — I wanted to be more aware of the process, and see the first bud tips, see the buds enlarge, see when the first pinkish lines emerge from the brown bud, and not be surprised when they were suddenly flowering.

But I missed the stages again this year. One day, they were bare. The next, they were filled with pink blossoms. I missed the process completely. Again.

How many other important things have I missed completely this year?


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