Posted by: jsmcfadden | January 25, 2010

Long, long ago

Summer after sophomore year of high school. Heidi, my good friend from junior high in another part of the country, came with the family to Bandon for — was it a week? — sometime between Turner and Little River.

We had moved away nearly two years before, when Jamie, the “L’il Bit”  between us on the big rock, was only 8 months old. Coming back to Oregon from Indiana that summer to spend with old friends, doing things that had been part of every summer in Oregon once again — I looked forward to it a lot.  But now, I can’t remember anything Heidi and I did. I imagine we played on the beach, we played with Jamie, we stayed up late giggling and talking.

I have a much clearer memory of the night of the moon landing that month. We were at Croft Lake then, just down the road from Bandon, and I was out on the water in a little rowboat.  I remember looking up at the moon and telling myself that men had set foot there. I remember thinking that it was a shame.

Let’s see … Heidi and I would have been 16 or so. I try hard to remember who I was then. I wonder what she’s doing now.

Jamie’s all grown up. Her birthday is this week.



  1. Gee. You’re deep.

  2. So much of what we once thought was so important and memorable seems to settle into quite a different position, with a new sense of priority and perspective as the years and events accumulate.

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