Posted by: jsmcfadden | December 12, 2009

More sky.

Until last week, the back yard’s ceiling was our neighbor’s big pine tree. Its big branching trunk stretched out from the fence to our roof. During the summer, it provided full shade for most of the back yard all day long.

But it also provided quite a threat to the roof. One 15-foot-long-branch fell off the tree last year, denting the gutter on the studio wall and tearing some rose leaves on its way down. The big branching trunk part, though, was what we were most concerned about. It was 18 inches in diameter or so where it connected with the trunk —  if that one fell in a windstorm, it would have crunched right through the roof and into the house.

Plus the apple tree we planted was growing strangely. It didn’t get enough sun for good fruit; the pine tree filtered so much of the light on its way down that the apple tree was starving. Its branches stretched oddly toward the small patches of sun in the yard, getting in the way of the patio.

Now the tree is gone.

And there’s way more sky in the back yard. Despite the fact that the sky this morning is grey, there’s considerably more of it in our yard.

The apple tree had a few minor injuries — small twigs broken, no major branches damaged at all. It will be healthier and more productive now that it will get the sun and sky it needed.

And so now I wonder about the other big looming things which, even if they provide some comfort, really need to be taken out. I wonder about the sky we could have more of, if only these big branching things were gone. 

The problem begins, of course, in identifying the big branching things. Then getting them out without damaging the apple tree right underneath.

So maybe that needs to be a focus of some thought during the upcoming break.



  1. […] get much sun, either, because of the big Monterey Pine tree which shaded most of our back yard. See this. But now that we have more sky, more sun, they have been growing denser and denser as they leaf out […]

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