Posted by: jsmcfadden | November 30, 2009

Tools. In a good way, I mean.

My sister’s loving husband works wood.  Over Thanksgiving break, we visited and John got an introduction to pen-making.  Now, understand — Marty’s good.  The pens he’s made are beautiful:  nature and technology swirled together artfully.

These things are made with beautiful wood, well-crafted pen mechanisms, imagination and skill.  Give the creator a good tool, in addition to these other ingredients, and something lovely can result. Even the most skilled craftsman has better results when a good tool is also at hand. And in his hands, the good tool does far more than in anyone else’s.

And I’ve been thinking a lot about educational ideals — purpose, mission, objectives.  What are we doing, and what should we be doing? What is the point of all this hard work? Especially in those times when no one in the classroom can come up with a reason, or any motivation at all.

Then it was as if the Union Pacific railroad workers and the Central Pacific railroad workers met and lined up their rails: these two strands of thought lined up and fit perfectly.

A good tool in the hand of the master creator: that’s what I want to be, and that’s what I want the end result of my work to be, as well. I want to equip these young saints for whatever works of service the Lord has for them. Because I don’t know what the works might be, I want to prepare them as broadly and flexibly as I can, so they will be useful in many different situations.


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