Posted by: jsmcfadden | November 21, 2009


Sometimes you just have to slam on the brakes. You’re going to hit something and it’s not going to be good and somebody might get hurt and where did THAT come from and you slam on the brakes.

There’s a squeal, maybe, and a screech and your head goes forward and your neck tenses and you brace yourself and you push harder on the brakes and then you stop. And then you breathe.  You become aware that you didn’t hit that thing that came out of nowhere. It’s ok. No one is hurt. You stopped in time.

And then you realize that you were probably traveling too fast, right before you slammed on the brakes. Maybe not over the speed limit, but too fast for the situation you were in and probably you weren’t as aware of your surroundings as you should have been and the people who complain about your driving might be right.

And then for a few days you drive more carefully. You pay attention. You glance at  the speedometer more often and listen to the car better.

And that’s why Thanksgiving Break is its appropriate name.


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