Posted by: jsmcfadden | September 19, 2009

Top 5 Reasons to Love HS Football

5.  The sunset is more beautiful from a football field than from a neighborhood street.  It might be the great space above those hundred yards without wires or trees blocking the view. It might be the silhouetted press box on top of the bleachers, solid and dark against the magenta and purple western sky.

4.  Great people go to high school football games, and it’s great to talk with them. Parents of athletes just may be the coolest people in the world, by the way. No, maybe it’s alumni and former students who are the coolest. Wait, it might be the fellow teachers and staff members who come to cheer on students.

3.  The unity of the fans when refs make horrible calls is a beautiful thing to experience.  There’s disbelief that such a thing could happen in the world. Then there’s shock at the refs’ stubborn refusal to admit a mistake was made, and outrage at the injustice against our noble heroes. We look at one another, shake our heads, and then put our attention back on the field. All our energy pours out toward our athletes so they can make a remarkable comeback and show those refs how unfair their call was.

2.  It is clear that students are people, not just little content-absorbers or distraction-causers.  It’s great to see students do things like grab a football out of the sky when it was intended for someone wearing the other uniform, or stand up on one foot, which is held up by three other squad-members’ hands. Or get the shot when the ball sweetly lands in the arms of the intended receiver. Or shout out the names of their friends on the field. Or just laugh and talk with one another.

1.  The sound of a good, solid hit is right up there with Beethoven.  Seriously.  That sound of shoulder pads on opponent — how do you spell that sound? Thump of body on turf,  whoosh of expelled air from lungs — these are beautiful.


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