Posted by: jsmcfadden | August 29, 2009

First Week of School = turned in

First day of school is all adrenaline. Frets about clothes were pre-empted this year. Tension about hitting the right note? Not so much; the note was lower, more in my natural range. The adrenaline comes into the building with the images of students in the hallways.

Second day of school is a bit more focused, despite a different schedule because it’s Chapel Day plus early release. Faces are familiar. The heel-ier shoes I brought stayed under the desk all day.

Third day of school still a different schedule: the one we’re going to have most days. By mid-morning, I’m remembering why it’s good for students to talk to one another during class. I’m remembering why it’s good for students to have to move their bodies during class. I’m remembering why it’s good for me to set up those activities instead of letting the kids come up with them.

Fourth day of school is still another schedule, because an afternoon concert pulled all the kids away to a church with a big enough auditorium. Suddenly it’s quiet in the halls, which I notice because I stayed behind for my middle school class.  How do I find that stillness when the halls are not empty?

Fifth day of school we begin to sense again why weekends are important. Getting books out of the classroom and into the students’ backpacks is such a clear sign that we’re not just doing this for a week. We see the long haul. We anticipate the rest stops. Everyone seems to push the gas pedal a little harder, hoping to make 2:50 arrive just a bit sooner.


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