Posted by: jsmcfadden | August 23, 2009

Ahhh. Breathe deeply. Bandon.

So, if you have never seen the Oregon coast, then you have no context for this wild and fearsome beauty. Best vacation as a child? Driving down the Oregon coast, stopping in State Parks and camping in the trailer. No, that time at Bandon with Heidi. No, that time at Bandon with all the puppies. No, that time at Bandon …

This time, we stayed at the Bandon Beach Motel, which is just on the point. It’s north of Sunset Motel and Face Rock Lookout Point, south of the jetty.

bandonfacerockforwebThis is Face Rock; you’ve likely seen photos of  it.  It’s more impressive in person, as are so many things we encountered this summer. 

What a day we had! Waking up to this kind of blue sky? Warm, sunny, just a bit of a breeze from the north. We walked and walked and walked, picked up rocks and lovely sanded bits of shell — Tanguy-ish forms all white and smooth. tanguyshellinbowl


Like this one, now at home in Italy in my beautiful bowl from Mexico. 



The tide was low mid-morning, and the reflections on the wave-washed sand were … well, wonderful.



Just an amazingly beautiful day. It was worth the sun-burned tops of our feet. The sun-burned tops of our heads. The sun-burned tops of the backs of our necks.




Do you remember this side of things? The narrow crawl-through at the top of the dune? Where the sand had blown all the way up against the point? Well, now there’s a long tree wedged up in there, its root-web all gnarled and jammed up in that space.


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