Posted by: jsmcfadden | August 8, 2009

Photos from Alaska – Ketchikan

dockingatketchikanforwebThe cruise ship dock at Ketchikan, from our balcony on the ship, is primarily for tourists. This photo was snapped just before a second ship docked and hid the charming storefronts. The second ship was almost our shadow, but we only saw it on our stops, not on our travels. The sky was overcast, but the temperature was mild. steepketchikanforweb


Fairly level ground to build on is at a premium on Ketchikan’s island; their air strip and terminal are on another island, so passengers must take a ferry from the airport to the town.

After our time in Ketchikan, by the way, as we we waiting to leave, there were sirens and we watched fire trucks and paramedics try to get to a fire. We could see the smoke, a little bit to the left of the street in this photo, but there didn’t seem to be a street to the house. There were long flights of wooden stairs going from the street up to a landing and then in a couple of different directions to houses half-way up this hill.




The town’s buildings along the water are all built on pilings.  The water was so calm and the reflections so interesting. Bright colors on the wooden siding — red and blue as you see here, green and yellow and turquoise on other houses. 



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