Posted by: jsmcfadden | August 7, 2009

Alaska Sights

rethinkscale2forwebWe kept hearing “You have to rethink scale in Alaska.” Maybe this is what they meant. 

Big things are bigger here.

Human scale seemed pretty small here.

To rethink scale means adjusting thinking from a human point of view to something bigger. We had to look again, think again.

Imagine differently. 

I kept having to zoom out to get more context so that the scale of the beautiful sight I was photographing was more clear in the picture. Then I wanted to zoom in to get the detail. How to do both? More context so the scale is evident; more detail so the beauty I saw comes closer.

The trees, by the way, surrounding this amazing waterfall, are huge.  You’d have to stretch your neck to look up as far as you could to see the top. And the forest is so dense … well, you can imagine. Can’t you? 


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